sorry i hurt you with
questions of your insincerity
but i need to be told again,

tell me once more
i’m the only one you want

and tell me once more
how you remember me
and tell me once more
how i’m the last thought
before you sleep
and first in the morning

and tell me once more
how you crave my touch
and you love when my smell
lingers in your nose
and tell me once more
how much you miss me
and i’m the only one

tell me you only have eyes for me

but say it again
i’m sorry

i’m sorry, i’m insecure

by "insecure" -sansmonotony
" pull my thoughts when you grab my hair
with your hands full of tangled chunks of
never spoken doubts.
i scream everything i hate about this life
through moans,
sometimes silent
sometimes loud or muffled,
and i carefully listen to heartbeats and short breaths that
speak more than a skeletal confession.
the only words worth saying are transferred from my tongue
when i swipe your lips so.
our conversations are beautiful.
by intimacy in thoughts